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Grundlegende Prinzipien –  P.1 Farbe –  P.1.0 Hallo Farbe –  P_1_0_01


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  • 2012-05-25 @ 1:44 pm   |  Comment by sangwon


  • 2013-01-22 @ 7:12 pm   |  Comment by denberghvanmartjin

    Maybe the download isn't complete but i dont have the calender object, I commented out everything with calender and timestamp and it works perfect. But the calender and timestamp are missing!


    Great book and site btw guys. Worth every penny!

  • 2013-02-09 @ 3:29 pm   |  Comment by Glenn Gilchrist

    The calendar problem occurs with version 2.0b7  If you install an earlier version, the code works fine.

  • 2013-02-10 @ 7:19 pm   |  Comment by bruck

    Regarding the calendar problem: place


    1. import java.util.Calendar;


    on top of your script, works for me on 2.0b7

  • 2014-08-27 @ 4:49 pm   |  Comment by Martina


    I'm reading the book, and in this code (here on the site) there's the option to save a pdf, but no path. So where the pdf's are suppose to be saved? and how are they called?

    Of course i've written "true" at the first boolean.

  • 2014-08-27 @ 4:51 pm   |  Comment by Martina

    and of course thanks to reply and for the great work...!

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