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  • 2020-03-15  P_4_3_2_01
    Comment by Smmsamm

    I found my answer by using transparent png file.
    now another question is:
    Is it possible to prevent ovelapping text for create Words cloud?

  • 2020-03-15  P_4_3_2_01
    Comment by sMMSAMM

    Is it possible to add a mask for it? for example drawing in the inside of the circle only?

  • 2020-03-10  P_1_2_3_01
    Comment by Pablo

    Hello !

    Quick question : Why are the arrays of color component values  ( hueValues[],  saturationValues[] and brightnessValues[]) the size of "tileCountX" if at the end you are using a max 3 values of each one ( because of the modulo operator )  ??



  • 2019-11-25  P_1_2_3_02
    Comment by fang

    Can you explain this part? I really can't understand...Thank you!





    int counter = 0; // row count and row height int rowCount = (int)random(5,40); float rowHeight = (float)height/(float)rowCount; for(int i=0; i<rowCount; i++) { // seperate each line in parts // how many fragments int partCount = i+1; float[] parts = new float[0]; for(int ii=0; ii<partCount; ii++) { // sub fragments or not? if (random(1.0) < 0.075) { // take care of big values int fragments = (int)random(2,20); partCount = partCount + fragments; for(int iii=0; iii<fragments; iii++) { parts = append(parts, random(2)); } } else { parts = append(parts, random(2,20)); } } // add all subparts float sumPartsTotal = 0; for(int ii=0; ii<partCount; ii++) sumPartsTotal += parts[ii]; // draw rects float sumPartsNow = 0; for(int ii=0; ii<parts.length; ii++) { // get component color values int index = counter % colorCount; fill(hueValues[index],saturationValues[index],brightnessValues[index]); sumPartsNow += parts[ii]; rect(map(sumPartsNow, 0,sumPartsTotal, 0,width),rowHeight*i, map(parts[ii], 0,sumPartsTotal, 0,width)*-1,rowHeight); counter++; } }
  • 2019-10-29  P_1_1_1_01
    Comment by Justdep

    hi, I'm new to processing and in the code there're "gridX" and "gridY" and I don't see them declared anywhere. so how does it work? thanks

  • 2019-07-31  M_4_4_01_TOOL
    Comment by bla


  • 2019-04-25  P_2_3_6_01
    Comment by Marie-Louise



    Bei einer size Angabe von 2339px x 3441 px ist das Fenster so groß, dass ich nur einen kleinen Teil davon nutzen kann, ist es möglich sich innerhalb des Fensters zu bewegen oder dies auf die Größe meines Bildschirms zu verkleinern ohne die tatsächliche size Größe zu verändern?



  • 2017-09-21  P_2_1_1_02
    Comment by marco

    everything works, except saving the picture !! some help?

  • 2017-09-20  M_4_4_01_TOOL
    Comment by Max

    Hallo liebe Freunde um Hartmut Bohnacker, nachdem ich die Library controlP5 erfolgreich importiert habe und gerne das Attraktoren-Tool M_4_3_01_TOOL.pde ausprobiert hätte, wird die Fehlermeldung wie folgt ausgegeben: The function setupGUI(); does not exist!

    Was kann ich tun, um dennoch mit diesen Attraktoren zu experimentieren? Danke für jeden Hinweis!


  • 2017-04-09  M_4_4_01_TOOL
    Comment by Nick

    Karl and And: Sketches using the controlP5 library use outdated method calls like group(...) and controller(...). These need updating to their renamed 'getter and setter' equivalents, so references to group(...) should be getGroup(...), references to controller(...) should be getController(...), references to style(...) should be getStyle(...), references to captionLabel(...) should be getCaptionLabel(...).


    A few other controlP5 methods have been renamed, but the controlP5 Javadocs help find the equivalent method, so controlP5.setColorLabel(...) should be setColorCaptionLabel(...), controlP5.setColorValue(...) should be setColorValueLabel(...)