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  • 2014-09-13  M_3_4_03_TOOL
    Comment by Chitzui

    "void setupGUI(){" => unexpected token: void

    in GUI... Cooles Beispiel das direkt nicht funktioniert auf Seite 16 .. nice nice nice

  • 2014-08-27  P_1_0_01
    Comment by Martina

    and of course thanks to reply and for the great work...!

  • 2014-08-27  P_1_0_01
    Comment by Martina


    I'm reading the book, and in this code (here on the site) there's the option to save a pdf, but no path. So where the pdf's are suppose to be saved? and how are they called?

    Of course i've written "true" at the first boolean.

  • 2014-08-14  P_4_2_1_01
    Comment by Esteban Londono


    I am trying to run the program P_4_2_1_01,

    but NullPinterException error appears and the error is highlighted in line 126:


    for (int i = 0 ; i < imageNames.length; i++) {


    I have been trying to intilialize each object it but no luck.


    Any clue on how to solve this?






  • 2014-07-16  P_1_2_2_01
    Comment by Fred



    bei allen Sketchbeispielen, bei denen es möglich ist eine Adobe-Swatch-Exchange datei zu speichern krieg ich eine Fehlermeldung, sobald ich das probiere:

    Stringindexoutofboundsexception: string index out of range: 3


    Hat jemand eine Idee was ich falsch mache?


    Ich hab die neueste Library installiert und benutze Processing  2.2.1 auf einem MacBook Pro.

    lg Fred

  • 2014-05-08  P_4_3_3_01
    Comment by Massimo Franceschet


  • 2014-04-27  M_5_1_01
    Comment by Massimo Franceschet

    The sketch is great, anyway!

  • 2014-04-27  M_5_1_01
    Comment by Massimo Franceschet

    I think the test


    if (level > 0)


    should be moved at the beginning of the drawBranch function to avoid the drawing of 0-level branchings.



    Moreover the block

    int k = int(key)-49;if (k>=0 && k<9) {recursionLevel = k;}


    should be rewritten as:


    int k = int(key)-48;if (k>=0 && k<=9) {recursionLevel = k;}





  • 2014-04-09  P_2_1_1_01
    Comment by Massimo Franceschet

    I think that line


    line(posX, posY+width/tileCount, posX+height/tileCount, posY);


    should be replaced by line


    line(posX, posY+height/tileCount, posX+width/tileCount, posY);


    The small bug becomes visible if you set a rectangular display window instead of a squared one.


    All the best.




  • 2013-04-17  P_3_2_1_01
    Comment by Andreas

    danny: Die geomerative lib wurde am 8. März von Ricard Marxer geupdated und funktioniert nun auch mit Processing 2.0b8.