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  • 2014-10-22  M_6_4_01_TOOL
    Comment by ibrahim muasher

    Hello, Thank you for this great resource.


    I am new to processing, but I wanted to do a similar program, with a bit more constraint.


    Can you advise me how to narrow down the displayed nodes (or articles shown) based on date. So for example, displaying only articles and links since 2013.


    Is it also possible to change the imported data to another website than wikipedia.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Thank you again.

  • 2014-09-13  M_3_4_03_TOOL
    Comment by Chitzui

    "void setupGUI(){" => unexpected token: void

    in GUI... Cooles Beispiel das direkt nicht funktioniert auf Seite 16 .. nice nice nice

  • 2014-08-27  P_1_0_01
    Comment by Martina

    and of course thanks to reply and for the great work...!

  • 2014-08-27  P_1_0_01
    Comment by Martina


    I'm reading the book, and in this code (here on the site) there's the option to save a pdf, but no path. So where the pdf's are suppose to be saved? and how are they called?

    Of course i've written "true" at the first boolean.

  • 2014-08-14  P_4_2_1_01
    Comment by Esteban Londono


    I am trying to run the program P_4_2_1_01,

    but NullPinterException error appears and the error is highlighted in line 126:


    for (int i = 0 ; i < imageNames.length; i++) {


    I have been trying to intilialize each object it but no luck.


    Any clue on how to solve this?






  • 2014-07-16  P_1_2_2_01
    Comment by Fred



    bei allen Sketchbeispielen, bei denen es möglich ist eine Adobe-Swatch-Exchange datei zu speichern krieg ich eine Fehlermeldung, sobald ich das probiere:

    Stringindexoutofboundsexception: string index out of range: 3


    Hat jemand eine Idee was ich falsch mache?


    Ich hab die neueste Library installiert und benutze Processing  2.2.1 auf einem MacBook Pro.

    lg Fred

  • 2014-05-08  P_4_3_3_01
    Comment by Massimo Franceschet


  • 2014-04-27  M_5_1_01
    Comment by Massimo Franceschet

    The sketch is great, anyway!

  • 2014-04-27  M_5_1_01
    Comment by Massimo Franceschet

    I think the test


    if (level > 0)


    should be moved at the beginning of the drawBranch function to avoid the drawing of 0-level branchings.



    Moreover the block

    int k = int(key)-49;if (k>=0 && k<9) {recursionLevel = k;}


    should be rewritten as:


    int k = int(key)-48;if (k>=0 && k<=9) {recursionLevel = k;}





  • 2014-04-09  P_2_1_1_01
    Comment by Massimo Franceschet

    I think that line


    line(posX, posY+width/tileCount, posX+height/tileCount, posY);


    should be replaced by line


    line(posX, posY+height/tileCount, posX+width/tileCount, posY);


    The small bug becomes visible if you set a rectangular display window instead of a squared one.


    All the best.