Code M_4_2_04

Komplexe Methoden –  M.4 Attraktoren –  M.4.2 Der Attraktor –  M_4_2_04


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  • 2009-12-29 @ 4:30 pm   |  Comment by Pete

    There is this part : /*    beginShape();
    vertex(myNodes[i].x, myNodes[i].y);
    for (int i = i1+1; i <= i2; i++) {
    vertex(points[i].x, points[i].y);

    but it doesnt work if you uncomment it... :(

  • 2009-12-30 @ 11:58 am   |  Comment by Hartmut Bohnacker

    Hi Pete,

    this part is not supposed to work. This seems to be something left form an older version of this sketch. We probably just forgot to delete it. Sorry about that.

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