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  • 2009-11-09  M_2_6_01_TOOL_TABLET
    Comment by andy

    very beautiful code!

    unfortunately the tool crashes while loading an image?

    can anyone help? thanks!

  • 2009-11-06  P_2_3_5_01_TABLET
    Comment by Hartmut Bohnacker

    Hi, thanks for the feedback. But this a message that I have almost all the time. The programm should still work if you have a tablet connected (and installed if necessary). Otherwise this programm will not draw anything.

  • 2009-11-05  P_2_3_5_01_TABLET
    Comment by aaajiao

    INFO: Applet was not ready to get location on screenNov 5, 2009 3:03:09 PM jpen.provider.Utils getLocationOnScreen

  • 2009-10-20  M_6_1_01
    Comment by Hartmut Bohnacker

    A nice litte variation of the sketch where all nodes repel each other. Here, each node spans a colored triangle to the closest and to the second closest node. To achieve this, the node class was a bit modified.



  • 2009-10-20  M_3_4_03_TOOL
    Comment by Hartmut Bohnacker

    This image is done with one of the mesh tools. In the zip you'll find an image with the menu settings to recreate it.



  • 2009-10-19  M_4_3_01_TOOL
    Comment by Hartmut Bohnacker

    A smoke-like figure I've done with the attractor 2d tool.



  • 2009-10-12  P_4_3_3_01
    Comment by Julia Laub

    In this version you can capture an image by clicking the mouse instead of pressing the key "S". I think it´s more handy this way.

  • 2009-10-04  P_4_2_1_footage
    Comment by Benedikt Groß

    the zip contains no sketch at all :)

    this is just some dummy footage we like to share.